Recently, on January 14, 2020, 2 new missions were released in the game: (visit site)

The collector - For all players
The collector can be found in Mekrita, near the traveling NPC (Monez).

The mission:
- Get the monsters the collector asks of you (usually he will also determine the level) and he will give you rewards for bringing them.

- Mission requirements may change every week as well as rewards.

- Each mission can only be done once. Can be renewed only after requirements are changed.

- Mission rewards are reported on the NPC itself.

Made of alchemy - For higher level players.
The NPC Palace Witch can be found on Pirate Island, near the traveling NPC.

The mission:
Talk to the NPC to know your story. She will ask you to bring 2 ingredients so you can do alchemy and form a new hench.

Requirement 1
380x Seaman's Essence

Requirement 2:
Herriben at level 180.

Take the requirements to the witch to make her alchemy hench: Worm.

Worm is level 193 and very powerful. That is the only way to achieve it.

Worm will be used in future formulas.