As announced in the latest news, the January events will take place on specific dates.
The schedules will be distributed as follows:

[Wednesday, 29 Jan. 2020] - Hide & Seek with GM
The event will take place 3 times during the day, with 10 rounds each time.
The times are:
(GMT + 10, Australia time)
During the morning
09:00 AM
During the night
08:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

Be online during event time to participate. 

[Thursday, 30 Jan. 2020] - Training with GM - Spawn
For 30 minutes, the GM will spawn special monsters in the game, which will drop prize items or gamble boxes.
The event will take place 2 times a day.
The times are:
(GMT +10, Australia time)
During the morning
10:00 AM
During the night
10:00 PM (with duration of 60 minutes)

@edit: After several messages about the time of the event in the morning, we decided to change it to night time and extend the duration to 1 hour.

The schedules can be changed according to the feedback for future events.
If there are changes, there will be a new post.