The hunting season will be open from 1 to 12 February.

During this time, NPC The Collector will ask you for a very specific hench. This hench can only be obtained through formulas and its formula will be changed periodically until the end of the event.
The mission can be done once a day. 

The collector NPC will start asking you for the hench at Monday, 3. Every day, it will restart quest and change hench formula. The first formula will be published. You should be able to check the rewards and informations at NPC.

Starting on February 9 and ending on February 18, the boxes are back!

There will be spawn of Boxters on various maps of the game and by hunting them, you can get mysterious rewards that will come out of the Gamble Box.

There will be monsters invading regions close to cities. Kill them and get the items they drop. At the end, you can get a Golden Hench after finishing a specific mission!