The boxter event has started! Start hunting the boxters on the main maps to get the Gamble box!

When opening the Gamble Box, you can obtain one of the following items:

[1x] Full Exp Mark (10 hours)
[1x] Holy Water of Superior Evolution
[1x] Soul Chager (Small)
[1x] Fruit of Life
[5x] Great Healing Potion
[3x] Great Mana Potion
[1x] Valor's Old Note
[2x] Toadish Megaphone (Orange)
[1x] Hench Item Belt

The Gamble Box can be updated during the event.

Remember to open all Gamble Boxes before the event ends, after the event, the Gamble Boxes will be deleted.

The event ends on February 18, 2020, at 11:59 pm