Given the extension of the Covid-19 situation and the extension of the quarantine by several countries, we extended the boost event and brought back the function of exchanging roses for a premium zone ticket at Flowrice.

We are preparing new ways to get the Golden rose and complete the Shadow Harpy mission. If you haven't completed it yet, but you still have the special Quest Harpy, keep it.

The following items had increased drop rates:
Silent Dragon Medallion
Silent Devil Medalallion
Silent Bird Medalallion
Silent Plant Medalallion
Silent Metal Medalallion
Silent Mystery Medalallion
Silent Insect Medalallion
Book of Production [Syfer Blade ]
Book of Production [Syfer Knuckle ]
Book of Production [Syfer Bow]
Book of Production [Syfer Gun]
Jove's Sealed Soul [All types]

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