Masters, be careful when walking around. Stay safe and take security measures against Covid-19

If you can, avoid going out and stay at home.

To improve your gaming experience, starting today, we will bring back the EXP / CORE / ITEM Boost event, which will last until March 20th.

During the event period, the EXP, CORE DROP and ITEM DROP rates will be increased: 12x Exp | 11x CORE DROP | 11x DROP ITEM.

If you have completed the last two collector missions, you must have a special mission harpy and a golden rose. Take them to Flowrice and exchange them for the Shadow Harpy card.

Starting today, until March 17th, the items available in the mixmall will have a 15% CP discount.

Also starting today, you will find [Goldener] on maps around major cities, which can drop a special box and some mix items, if you're lucky. Each Goldener will also drop a little more GP. Goldener will leave on March 21st.

The mix items that can be purchased at Goldener are:
March 14-16: MIX items stage 1.
March 16-18: MIX items stage 2.
March 18th to 21st: MIX items stage 3.
The Gamble Box can also be changed during the period.

From the 21st of March, a new formula using Shadow Harpy will be available, obtaining an even stronger hench.

* Some craft items have had their drop rates increased.

Do you find any items very difficult to obtain? Send us your feedback!

We will receive a patch soon where some items will be able to exchange / sell / throw away. If you have an item that you are unable to exchange or sell and are taking up your inventory, let us know at