The collector is looking for a new hench for his collection!

The hench chosen this time is rare (Busal Min), but can be temporarily made by mixing:

Blue Piggy (using mix item stage 2) + The Unknown (using mix item stage 2)

By mixing these two henchs until April 5th, you can get Busal Min. Lv.135 to complete the mission or use it.

Upon completing the mission, your rewards are:

10x Return Scroll
Functional Item, Magical scroll which teleports the user to the last ressurection spot chosen by the Wizard of Ressurection.

5x Reverse Scroll
Functional Item, Can save dead hench without going to mix builder. Experience value penalty will be recovered. Only one's own core is resurrected.

1x Cursed Premium Mark
Mark Item - Hero/Hench EXP 2.5x Increase, Item Drop Rate 4x Increase, GP Drop 2.5x Increase, Core Drop Rate 6x Increase.
"If used for a certain period, growth and trophy acquired increased. Time does not decrease if not connected to game."

1x Olympus Soul Potion (1 hour)
Functional Item 
Hero, Hench attack damage +30% 
Hero, Hench Attack Speed +30%
Dr. Jove experienced the amazing effects of Olympus Hench strength, personally experienced his research and spawned his medicine. As you eat, you feel your power increase temporarily

 King of Mashimaro (Lv. 125)

+100.000 EXP