The collector is always looking for new formulas and new henchs to add to his collection!

This time, he discovered an old formula that had never been discovered, a special type of GreenTravel.

The formula for this new hench is:

GreenTravel (stage 2 mix item) + Blue Kime (stage 2 mix item)

If successful, you must formulate the R GreenTravel (Lv. 97)

This formula will be available until May 5, after that period, it will no longer be possible to formulate R GreenTravel. If you're a collector, it's a good chance to get at least 2. One for the mission and one for you.

Take a GreenTravel R to the collector and he will reward you with:

- 100.000 EXP
- 5x Return Scroll
- 3x Reverse Scroll
- 1x Cursed Premium Mark 
- 1x Olympus Potion

 - 1x King of Kambu Lv.125 hench

If you completed the previous mission and received a King of Mashimaro (Lv.125), you can use it in a formula with King Kambu and get an even more powerful one.

Formula for: King of Mashimaro (Lv.170)
King of Mashimaro (Lv.125) (MIX item Stg 2) + King of Kambu (Lv.125) (MIX item Stg 2)

Formula for: King of Kambu (Lv.170)
King of Kambu (Lv.125) (MIX item Stg 2) + King of Mashimaro (Lv.125) (MIX item Stg 2)