Maintenance changes and corrections: 

- Item [Variation of the pig teeth] can be thrown away.
- Santa NPC was removed from Magirita.
- The latest Collector Quest has been ended. New quest available at May, 7.
- Item [Shadow Box] has been deleted from accounts.
- New formula for Winged Harpy (Lv.190) has been added.
- New formula for Neo WingedHarpy (Lv.199) has been added.
- Box hunting event has been added.
- March Special Boost event has been finished.
New background songs have been added to the game.
New variations of henchs have been added to the game.
- Preparations on the server for the next update.

We are aware of reports on level 180 weapons and Siege Affair and have already sent a request to the developers to resolve the issue.