The 2nd task!

Variations of hench mysteriously began to appear in the dungeons and in some places on the map. The collector is investigating and you will help him in his research!

The collector will make weekly tasks until he finds out what's going on.

You will receive rewards for each task and you will be able to discover special formulas for these variations.

The collector's first search starts today, May 12 and ends on May 18, when a new search will take place.

The first variation that he discovered the formula, is the Gold Maleki

Maleki (2nd stage mix item) + MintLion (2nd stage mix item)

The formula will be available until the end of the quest, after that, it will no longer be possible to formulate Gold Dragoer with this formula. 

Quest reward: 
1x Golden Rose (This rare item will soon be used on a mission to transform Winged Harpy into its base level). - Collect all 3 by completing tasks from Collector.
1x Skill reset (10 days time limit, use before expires the time)
(reset all skills from hero and turn it back to free skill points).
+ 400.000 EXP
3x Boss Transformation Scroll Box - 
(you will receive a scroll that will transform your character into one of the game's Bosses, the duration of the transformation is 10 hours and cannot be removed until time runs out).

Hench variations drop rare items that change from time to time, can be found on the following maps: 

 = Twin Valley
 = Ruins of Purmai, Iskai Forest
= Bird Room, White Seashore, Lunacy Dungeon L1
 = Dragon Room, Rudis Dungeon, White Prairie

 = Southern Rudis

 = Plant Room, Elysion Plant L1, White Seashore

Current item drop: 
Cursed Premium Mark (60 minutes)
The item's time starts to count the moment it is dropped, even if you don't use it. Make sure to use it as soon as it drops.