An infected type of hench called Viruses is showing up in Artreia!

Dr.Joey is investigating possible cases and contamination and needs your help to collect samples and prevent this hench from infecting anyone.

The Viruses is appearing around main cities.
Dr.Joey Quest will change at June, 29

Help Dr.Joey in Magirita (X 180 Y 97)

He needs you to collect 100x Pieces of DNA by defeating the Viruses.

By completing this Quest, you should receive:
1x Viruses Transformation Scroll

5x DNA Gamble Box

DNA Gamble Box can give you a random item.

The list of items inside DNA Gamble Box:
1x Holy Water of Superior Evolution
1x Converser-Strong
1x Soul Chager (medium)
1x Mix Gun Chager (Large)
1x Premium Attack Speed Increment Scroll
1x Blessed Fruit of Life
1x Premium Cloud
1x Reverse Scroll
1x Resurrection Scroll
10x Sinan super healing potion
2x Colorful Megaphone
1x Holy Water of Evolution

Viruses current location: - When defeated, viruses appear after 420 seconds again.
Herseba Entrance
Northern Magrita
Magrita West Sea
Islaba Damp Area
Owalljae Prairie
Mekrita East Sea
Twin Valley
Fork Road
Cheseva Ruins
Field of lunacy
Illusion Swamp
Lunacy Dungeon
Rojeta L1
Rojeta L2
Rojeta L3
Rojeta L4
Rojeta L5

The event is available until July 5th.