For a limited time, a new quest is available through the collector.

Get a Neo Manty at the maximum level and 10,000,000 GP.

Upon completing the mission by July 31, the Collector will reward you:

1x Black Hair Dyeing Chemical
Dyeing item. Method of use: click twice and the color will change.

1x Olympus Soul Potion (1 hour)
Functional Item: Hero, Hench attack damage +30% / Hero, Hench Attack Speed +30%

1x Baby Kambu Transformer (7 days)
Armour which transforms the main characters appearance. 
When equipping this, monsters think you are one of them so they do not attack you unless provoked. 
Hero/Hench Movement Speed +2x
Hero Damage Reduction -20%
Monster Prevent
All Status +40
Duration timer continues even if you are not connected to game and can not be soul charged.

+1.000.000 EXP

Helpya's requirements have changed. 

Current Helpya requirements: 
25x Roses
Can be obtained by hunting Force Flyer in Islaba Damp Area.
25x Hide 
(It can be obtained from medium level monsters of the animal type, usually found in Dragon Room and common areas)
2.000.000 GP