To liven up the weekend and guarantee rare and powerful items, we will have spawn events taking place within the game.

The event works as follows: 
Monsters will appear randomly on a large scale on random maps. Maps will be announced during the event.

Monsters may drop special items, such as the Gamble Box, and there is also the possibility of dropping it increased.

During the event, the appearance of the henchs and the location will be announced. Move to the location and defeat them before the event ends.

The event will last a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour, taking place at defined times.

Event schedule: 
Saturday, 10:00AM (Australia time)
Sunday, 10:00AM (Australia time) 
Sunday, 10:00PM (Australia time)
Monday, 11:00AM (Australia time)

Monday, 10:00 PM (Australia time)