The Training Marathon event is coming to an end and with that, starting at August 28th, 10:00PM (Australia time, GMT+10), you can complete the mission of the special level 190 hench, ShadowClaw.

The quest will be available through the NPC Collector, located in Mekrita.

As mentioned in the previous event, if you collected at least 15x Dedication Signs during daily quests, you can exchange it for the special hench.

If you have not yet completed all 15 required daily missions, the Marathon event will still be available until August 31st September, 4 in Helpya.

ShadowClaw special quest will be available until September, 5.

ShadowClaw can be mixed with another hench to form an even more powerful hench:

Neo ShadowClaw Lv.199

The formula for this mix will be made available later.