After studying the Mini Henchs a lot, the collector decided to go deeper and get one of these henchs. He asked you to mix and bring Mini Mintmall at its maximum level.

The quest requirement:

Formulate the Mini Mintmall and train it to the maximum level: Lv.145

The temporary formula for Mini mintmall is: 

MacT-Bone (2nd stage mix) + Hatti (2nd stage mix)

This formula will no longer be available after the end of the event.

The reward for completing the quest is:

Important: Items marked with (* Limited) expire even if you are not connected to the game or using it. Complete the mission when you have free time to use it.

1x Super Gamble Box (*Limited)
By double-clicking, you can get a random powerful Mark as a reward.

1x Stamina Potion (1 hour) (*Limited) 
Double the attack damage of Hero and Hench for 1 hour

5x Special Event Box (Sept.)
When opened, you can randomly get one of the following items:
Time Charging (3 days)
Resurrection Scroll
Reverse Scroll
Cursed premium mark (60mins)
Return Scroll(Event)
Purple Hair Dyeing Chemical (Event)
Sky Blue Hair Dyeing Chemical (Event)
Full Skill Power (Event)
Double Power (Event)
Yellow Hair Dyeing Chemical (Event)
Violet Hair Dyeing Chemical (Event)
Superior Mind Potion
Superior Healing Potion
Holy Water of Regular Evolution

1x Dedication Sign
If you participated in the marathon event and were unable to collect all 15, you will have a new chance to get the special hench when completing new missions. If you have already completed the special hench quest previously, you can sell it on the NPC.

The special quest will be available until September 18, at 11:59 pm