How to create Crescent (Lv.150 Equipment)

This is a guide that explains how to create Lv.150 equipment (Crescent).
Firstly, Crescent can only be obtained by using crafting system, which means you must gather [Trojan Books] for each piece of equipment (Gloves, Boots, Necklace, Bracelets, Rings and Helmet).

These books can only be dropped by monsters in Silent Tower which requires a [Premium Zone Admission Ticket] to enter.

How to create Crescent equipment?

You must visit the Elysion by visiting NPC warp [Captain Perbo] which is located in Veherseba (X: 66, Y: 54).
Refer to image below. You must have [Premium Zone ticket] to enter as mentioned above or do the quest to receive a trial ticket.

NPC Location:

Veherseba (X: 66, Y: 54)

Then, move to 4th Floor of Elysion and talk to the NPC bellow (X: 116, Y: 115)

Crescent Equipment Books
As you see below, explains each books required materials and the monster which drops the books prior to each equipment.

Book of Production [Crescent Helmet]
Book can be obtained from monsters: LightingMan, ThunderCat, NeoMadCow, Lorelei, Cerberus

Book of Production [Crescent Armour]
Book can be obtained from monsters: MegaHornz, BeetleKnight, New Beetle, AlburyChamp, Hotaru

Book of Production [Crescent Gloves]
Book can be obtained from monsters: GreenMetal, Mono Red Eye, NeoMixD, Yellow Metal

Book of Production [Crescent Boots]
Book can be obtained from monsters: GothicMeul, Nyubik Head, New Armiris, Magic, Jester

Book of Production [Crescent Bracelet]
Book can be obtained from monsters: YBanshee, Ninja Girl, Sky Banshee, GoldenSihwa

Book of Production [Crescent Ring]
Book can be obtained from monsters: NeoDarkPitt, New Persona, Persona Soul, New Glady

Book of Production [Crescent Necklace]
Book can be obtained from monsters: PurpleLeaf, Moon Flower, NewPetit, Fire Tinkerbell

Equipment effects:

We are attaching images of each equipment once it has been successfully created.


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