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Special Christmas Hench

The special hench for the Christmas event will be delivered today, December 25th.

All players who participated in the event will receive a Special Christmas Card, which can be exchanged at NPC Santa Claus, located at Magirita X111 Y126.

Remember that you still have until the end of the day (December 25, 23:59) to recharge and receive the special Christmas hench, after that, the hench will no longer be available.

The Special Christmas Card will be delivered at the end of event, 23:59.

All christmas events (Boxter and Quests) will be available until Dec. 31

A special Christmas collection: Quest


Starting today and ending on December 25

The collector (Mekrita, X106, Y141) wants your help to get Christmas henchs, so help him get 1x SnowRush at the base level.

Collector's Special Christmas Quest can be done once a day.

As a reward, he will give you the items:

1x Power Potion (1 hour) *Limited - expires even if you are not connected to game.

1x Blessed Fruit of Life (12 hours) *Limited - expires even if you are not connected to game.

1x Super Gamble Box (24 hours) *Limited - expires even if you are not connected to game.

In addition, Noelle's mission has been updated.

It now requires half the Christmas supplies and the reward is increased by 1x Gender Changer.

Merry Christmas! Starting events

Merry Christmas to everyone! The events start now!

And what does Christmas remember? Gift!

Yes, the Boxter is back and by hunting him on maps around the cities, you will receive the Christmas Boxter Box! You know, double click to receive a random item!

Christmas Boxter Box item list: 

1x Return Scroll 
Magical scroll which teleports the user to the last ressurection spot chosen by the Wizard of Ressurection. 

1x Gender Changer 
A miracle potion created by a mysterious professor. Tastes horrible but when drunk, the Hench gender is changed. 

1x Time Charging (1 day) 
Premium zone entrance ticket's time charger (increase time of use). 

1x Valor's Old Note 
When given to mix builder in mix, the success rate increases 1.1x. 

1x Resurrection Scroll 
Magical scroll which can only be used when Hero dies. It revives the Hero on the spot. 

1x Stat Restore (10 days) - This item expires in 10 days if not used. 
Returns all stats to FREE POINTS. 

1x Skill Restore (10 days) - This item expires in 10 days if not used. 
Reset all skills earned and return it to FREE SKILL POINTS. 

1x Attendance Pink Cloud (60 minutes) - This item expires in 1 hour if not used. 
Hero, Hench experience 1.5x 
Item drop probability 1.5x 
Core drop probability 1.5x 
Move speed 1.5x Increase

3x Christmas candy 
HP 1960 Recovery, MP 750 Recovery 

1x Premium Megaphone (Gold) 
Sending the message through connected server - Gold message

The Christmas spirit also means helping others!

Complete the daily mission by helping Noelle in Mekrita to receive the Christmas Super Box
You can help Noelle once a day. She needs your help to collect the Christmas decorations stolen by some evil henchs.

Christmas Super Box item list:

1x Blessed Fruit of Life (12 hours) - This item expires in 12 hours if not used. 
If you use Fruit of Life, even when mix fail, hench level will not decrease.

1x Super Gamble Box - This item expires in 24 hours if not used. 
A mysterious box that gives a surprise item when opened, it expires in 24 hours. What is inside? Double click to find out! Powerful marks!

1x Blessed Flower in the Book This item expires in 12 hours if not used. 
When given to mix builder in mix, the success rate increases 1.6x. Even when mix fail, hench level will not decrease.

1x Fruit of Life This item expires in 12 hours if not used. 
If you use Fruit of Life, even when mix fail, hench level will not decrease, but mix success rate decrease by 3%. If you apply this item to hench with level lower than the base level and the mix fails, hench will disappear.

1x Stamina Potion (1 hour) This item expires in 1 hour if not used. 
2 times the attack damage of Hero and Hench for 1 hour

1x Power Potion (1 hour) This item expires in 1 hour if not used. 
Hero, Hench attack damage and attack speed doubled for 1 hour

1x X-mas Mark (3 hours) This item expires in 3 hour if not used. 
Hero Exp 6x/Hench Exp 6x Increase
Item Drop Rate 9x Increase
Core Drop Rate 11x Increase.

All MixMall items will be 15% off until December 25th. Packages will be 20% off.
Promotional recharge packages will also be available.

The following items will be available in the mixmall until December 31st.

In addition to the Santa Claus costumes that you can receive for free at the NPC Santa Costume (in Magirita, X: 114 Y: 121), until December 31st you can purchase the clothes with an extra "Boost" effect.

If you recharge any amount in your account until December 25th, you will receive an exclusive Christmas Hench!

* The hench cannot be exchanged, but it can be stored in the warehouse.

* The hench can have its level chosen between 120 to 200.

* X Rudolph is a mystery type and will not appear again on another date. The hench will be delivered on December 25, at the end of the charge event.

A second part of event should start later

Maintenance completed. Patch notes.

 Hello masters!

Maintenance has been completed successfully and the server is now online.

We continue to work internally, but without the need to restart the server.

With the recent patch released, the changes are as follows:

[1] Preparing the game for a Christmas event.

[2] Preparing the game for updates.

As we mentioned earlier, we will release the updates for SET 190 little by little, keep in mind that the henchs used in this set are the Mutant henchs.

We will post news about events and more details soon.

Scheduled server maintenance, December 18

 Hello masters!

This Friday, December 18th, we will have a scheduled maintenance on the server.

During maintenance, access to the server may be unstable or unavailable.

Maintenance will start at 11:00 PM, lasting up to 3 hours, and can be extended if necessary.

Server instabilities resolved.

 Hello masters!

We have completed the correction of server instabilities.

You can connect again.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

MixMaster Online team.

Server instability

Hello masters!

We are experiencing some instabilities in the server. We are already working to correct and return online as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience.

New features on the site

 We have applied some recent changes to the website, this news is to keep you updated!

[1] Hench Ranking is now available!

You can access it at any time through this link or in the top menu. It is also possible to see the TOP 5 on the homepage, left side.

[2] Top 3 - Guild Ranking is now available at Home Page.

[3] Player view page changes

Now, the link to view the characters in the game no longer has the name, but the number of each player. Facebook like button has been added to it and to notices page.

To view your characters page, go to the account management page and click on the name of the desired character.

Soon, the functionality will be available to everyone, through a search system by name.

[4] Online Points and Online Shopping

You will be able to view your online points available on the left side of the page, in the account manager, after logging in. Online Points Shopping is already available and you can visit it by MixMall or APStore. (or click here)

Upcoming updates:

[5] New translations will be available soon.

[6] Badge system is coming to Player's page. Each player can redeem rewards according to the badge earned.

Stay tuned! Many new features are arriving in the mixmaster world!

Weekly update notes

 Hello masters!

This news is to let you know what's coming this week!

[1] Christmas events!
- We are finalizing the last preparations and we should have a maintenance before the launch of the Christmas events. A new patch will also be included in the game.

[2] Lv.190 Sets and Artreia city release
- Also this week, the new set of level 190 (Hell Set) will be available and also the way to obtain them through the NPCs located in the city of Artreia.

Keep in mind that you will need henchs, gp, part of the divine set and some additional items.

The city of Artreia will be freely accessible to all players during some time, but will bring new dungeons with henchs where a ticket will be needed to enter.

Also in the city, you can find the missions: Hero Quest Episode 7, to evolve the henchs: Vanyah, Fennecus, Strigidae and MechaOstrich.

Other missions will appear in the city periodically.

[3] Online Points and Online Points Shop!
- Online points can now be used in the Online Points Store, available on the website.

* We will change the periodicity of the points to "every 24 hours". Then, the points acquired by your characters will be converted into usable points in the store every 24 hours.

* Items available at Online Points Store may change periodically.

Stay tuned and call your friends to enjoy Christmas events!

Ah, suggestions are welcome! Let us know:

Quest: Unknown Creatures! Part 1

Some time ago, the collector discovered formulas for new henchs, he wants your help to get them and will give you a good reward for helping with training!

Quest Requirement:

Formulate the 3 uncovered henchs and take them to the collector at the base level.

Neo Ukki (Lv. 75)
Insane Doctor (1st stage mix item) + Stoner (1st stage mix item)

Neo NortsNcross (Lv.90)
Gokuma (2nd stage mix item) + Neo Silver (2nd stage mix item)

Neo Bangie (Lv.105)
Snogyun (2nd stage mix item) + KillerPete (2nd stage mix item)

This information is also available in your quest window.

Talk to the collector in Mekrita to receive the quest. This quest has a time limit and can be completed until December 18th.

Quest Reward:

+1 Free Skill Point 

1x Power Potion (1 hour) *Limited
Hero, Hench attack damage and attack speed doubled for 1 hour

1x Super Gamble Box (24 hours) *Limited
Double click to receive a random powerful mark

The time for *Limited items starts to count from the moment you receive it. Use it before expires.

Online points transferred

- Online points transferred

Hello masters!

Today, the points accumulated during the week were transferred to AP points. The ranking will start counting from 0 again.

* The points of all your characters acquired during the week were added up and added to your AP points.

As this was a successful test, in the coming weeks, the online points will be separated from the AP points and you will be able to use it in an exclusive store for these points, more balanced.

It will also be common to have events where it will be possible to exchange points for some exclusive items or henchs, as well as other types of points (in the future, according to the progress of the tests).

The Ranking will be updated and the weekly points count will return to 0, but it will also be possible to filter for the total points earned since the beginning of the system.

Receiving the Black Friday hench

Hello masters!

All accounts that participated in the Black Friday event, received, through NPC MailMan, a special card called "Black Friday special card".

 1x Black Friday special card

Just talk to NPC Flowrice, in Magirita, X:127, Y:94 

* It will ask you at what level you prefer the hench. Levels are available: 121, 151, 171, 191 and 200.

* You can choose only once.

* This option will only appear for players who have the Card.

* The rose exchange mission for the premium zone ticket (1 day) remains normally available to players who have not received the card.

About the exclusive hench

The exclusive hench will be postponed to December 7, as we have verified that there is a problem with the hench status and we will need to restart the server for the changes to take effect.

Each player who participated in the BlackFriday event will receive a special ticket (card) at the NPC mailman with all the information needed to get the hench. There is no time limit, the hench will be linked to your user ID and can be redeemed at any time.

The hench cannot be exchanged, but it can be shared among all the characters in the account (it can be stored in the warehouse).

The hench is Plant type, the player can choose between the levels:

Lv. 121, Lv. 151, Lv. 171, Lv.191, Lv. 200

More informations on release.

Weekend Boost Marathon (05~07) December

Start the weekend boost marathon! 
From: Dec. 05 ~ Until: Dec. 07

* The MixMall Marks category will have a 20% discount until the end of this event.

* The boost event was also extended until December 07.

* Helpya's daily quest has been updated according to the image below.

Online Points Event!

This week, we are testing a new points system!

The event works as follows:

* For every 10 minutes online, each player receives 1 point.

The points accumulated during the week will become AP, and can be used in our online AP store. (Awards may change from time to time based on our test results.)

* For accounts with more than one character: the points accumulated by each character will be added up.

This round has already started from the posting of this article and the accumulated points will be distributed on Monday, December 7th, 11:59 PM (australia time) and a new round will start.

Call your friends and use your free time to have fun in the mixmaster world, in addition to accumulating points.

It's a good time to let sit on a carpet, isn't it?

* Online Points Ranking is now available!
* You can view your character points in your control panel

Maintenance has been completed. Change log

 Hello masters!

Maintenance was completed successfully and Patch 4.65588 comes with the following changes:

[1] All SETs and Weapons in the game have been revised and corrected.

[2] Preparing the game client for the launch of the city of Artreia.

[3] Preparing the game client for the launch of SET 191 and Weapons 191 (later this week, the server will be rebooted and ways to get the new weapons / parts from the set will be announced).

[4] New quests and NPCs available in the city of Artreia.

[5] The new changes will take effect on 5 December.

[6] The quest henchs can be stored in the Warehouse and shared between characters from the same account.