Information about Siege Affair and next event

Hello masters!

We received information that there were 2 guilds registered as defenders of Siege Affairs.

We would like to inform you that there have been no recent changes to the Siege Affair configuration. We don't understand why there are 2 guilds in defense, but we believe it is a "mercenary application", which is a function that has always existed.

For now, we have removed the second guild from defense to see what might have happened. The siege affair will continue as usual.

Since this is a function that always existed in game, it will continue as usual.

Even though there are still two guilds listed, when the Siege Affair begins, only one will participate in the defense (The castle's dominant guild).

The Witch's Cauldron event will be delayed a little due to some bugs found. We are correcting it and once completed we will announce how this event will work.

The server must be rebooted soon to apply changes to the Halloween (EG) and (MAX) marks. The change should be as follows:

Core Drop and Item Drop Rate will be equal to the Sinan Valor Mark (190) which was adjusted last month. It is possible that there will be a change in the mark EXP rate (MAX) from 16x to 16.5x, however, we are still studying this last part.


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