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About Master Valor +20 henchs use


Hello masters!

We already know the problem with using henchs of levels higher than 20 for those who completed the "Master Valor" quest.

We have already sent the problem to the developers and are waiting for the fix.

Until then, you can use henchs up to +18 levels above yours (master valor)

If you want to equip the +20 henchs to battle or train, send us an email to that our technical team must equip the hench on your account until the correction is made. (remember not to remove the hench, as they will not be able to equip it again).

The server should be restarted once its fixed.

Sorry for inconvenience.

End of maintenance. Changelog

Hello masters!

Maintenance took a little longer than expected, but was successfully completed. Below are some of the main changes;

[0] The server has been migrated to a better Data Center to prevent any lag or issues. Please, give us a feedback about current connection and let us know if you have any problem to connect to game.

[1] All marks in the game are temporarily blocked for trade / warehouse. We are making some configurations and some items will be available for changes only in the next maintenance.

[2] Removed event items from players inventory.

[3] Some players reported that they can not use their level +20 henchs (master quest). If you are experiencing this problem, please, download the game client again and reinstall it.

[NOTE:] We received the information that only levels up to +18 (before it was +20) are able to use the henchs. We are already working with our programmers to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Click here to view a new post about it.

[4] Prepared game client for updates. You should see some changes during this week.

[5] The server time was corrected and indexed to the website. Now, updates that happen within the game will occur in real time with the clock displayed on the website.

Weekend Boost Marathon! (Extended)

Start the weekend boost marathon! 
From: Feb. 19 ~ Until: Feb. 25 (extended)

* The MixMall will have a 15% discount until the end of this event.

* The boost event was also extended until Feb. 22.

* Helpya's daily quest has been updated according to the image below.
Special Artreia Coin(M) can be obtained with Free Battle Zone Merchant.
Rose can be obtained with Force Flyer, at Islaba Damp Area.

Happy Valentines Day!

 Hello masters!

To celebrate the Valentine's Day holiday we have brought some events to help you on your adventure!

[1] During this period, the boost rates will be: 12x EXP / 12x CORE / 12x ITEM  (from Feb. 13 ~ until Feb. 20)

[2] New marks are temporarily available in the mixmall (from Feb. 13 ~ until Feb. 20): 

 Lovely Mark (M), Lovely Mark (G), Lovely Mark (GG)

[3] Love Gamble Box available in MixMall Spending Rewards  (from Feb. 13 ~ until Feb. 20)

 Love Gamble Box

For every 3000 points spent on MixMall, you can redeem (exchange the points for) the Love Gamble Box, which when opened, will give you one of the items (randomly):

3x Blessed Fruit of Life
2x Blessed Synergy Upgrade Potion
1x M Lovely Mark (3 hours)
1x G Lovely Mark (3 hours)

[4] Helpya Daily Quest has been updated (from Feb. 13 ~ Feb. 16)

During the period, the Boxters born around cities will be dropping the Rose of the valley. Collect these rare roses and take it to Helpya along with some Special Artreia Coin (M) to receive the Attendance Pink Cloud (180 minutes) + a Lovely Mark (3h)

Attendance Pink Cloud (180 minutes) - Time decrease even if you are not connected to game.
Event item
Hero, Hench experience 4x
Item drop probability 4x
Core drop probability 4x
Move speed 3x Increase
Hero Attack +10

Lovely Mark (3h) (event) - Time decrease even if you are not connected to game.
Mark Item
Required Level: 30
Hero Exp 6x/Hench Exp 6x Increase
Item Drop Rate 9x Increase
GP Drop 5x Increase
Core Drop Rate 11x Increase.

The quest can be repeated once a day until the end of the event.

Maintenance completed. Change Log.

 Hello masters!

The scheduled server maintenance has been completed. Bellow you can see the changelog list

[1] Fixed some items of Christmas event that were not trade able (now you can sell it at NPC)

[2] Rebalancing some production books to prevent it from failing too many times.

[3] Prepared gameclient to Valentines Day Event that will start soon in a further notice.

Soon, we will need some players to perform connection tests in a new data center. If you are having connection problems or lag, send us an email at with the title ~ participate in the test ~ and your username.

Scheduled server maintenance: Feb. 12

Hello masters!

This Friday, February 12, 2021, at 09:00 PM we will have a scheduled maintenance on the server.

Maintenance will have an average duration of 3 hours, which can be extended if necessary.

During maintenance, access to the server may be unavailable.

Beginners, become powerful event!

Hello masters!

Thinking about who is starting the journey in the mixmaster world, all new characters, starting today, when moving from Tutorial Zone to Magirita, will receive an Exclusive SET and a level 35 Weapon to help facilitate their journey and make it even more fun!

All items have a level requirement to be used, starting at level 15.

Remember that we also have several other gifts to help beginning players, see here.

* The items are non-transferable and have an average duration of 5 days, which can be extended using Soul Charger.

* Time does not count if the user is not using the item.

This event schedule: 

Start: Feb. 9, 2021  |  End: Apr. 9, 2021

Weekly notes

 Hello masters!

Below is a list of weekly updates:

[1] Sealed Soul items have been defined as rare and their drop will turn green when on the ground.

[2] Sealed Soul items have drop rates increased by 1.3x

[3] The 4th anniversary box of points spent by MixMall is now available. You can redeem it through the page until 10 February. Points that are accumulated during that date can be exchanged for BOX. After the end of the event, the remaining points that have not been exchanged will be transformed into AP.

Redeem page: click here

[4] Before the last quest of the event In search of birds, the Part 1 mission will be available for a few hours. Complete it if you haven't completed it yet to guarantee Shadow Harpy.

[5] We are working on the new site / game translation system. You can share with friends directly using direct links.

English: / (default)

Some languages ​​are still in the process of translation, feel free to inform us about errors and / or additional translations via email

The February event marathon will begin soon.