MixMaster Database System and new formulas!

 Hello masters!

After hearing several feedbacks from our players, especially the novices, who have difficulty finding some items / monsters in the game, we created the "MixMaster Database" system, which will be responsible for gathering all current and future information of the game to facilitate its access. .

Through the system, it will be possible to see all available formulas, locations, npcs found on each map and monsters (including the list of items that each monster drops).

It will also be possible to see what each NPC sells and all of this will be updated in real time with the game's releases!

To celebrate, we also made available several new formulas, even before the launch of their respective maps, which are due out soon.

The guides are not yet complete. We are working to create several guides according to your feedback and the system will be updated periodically.

We also offer the trial version of the Mix Calculator.

After the release of the final version, it will no longer be possible to correct "levels" of henchs. You must use the calculator to check the level of the hench that will be formulated.

Click here to visit Mix DATABASE!


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