Traveling to Pirate Island

The first part of the update: Pirate Island has brought many powerful monsters and new missions! This guide will show you how to visit this place.

Access to Pirate Island is on the Entrance of Olympus map.

To access it, you need to go to the Free Battle Zone [Travel area] (see map here) or follow the image bellow (Olympus Entrance NPC is located at Free Battle Zone (X:126, Y:22)):

To enter this map, you need the Premium Blue Zone Admission Ticket.

After entering the map, locate the NPCs: Research Captain (X: 131, Y: 35) and Dr. Jove (X: 129, Y: 26), you need to help the captain to fix the ship before leaving.

Talk to the Research Captain and complete the Quest to receive an entry ticket to the Pirate's Island. It will require you to collect Wooden Boards (you can drop this item at Valcan Valley). 

This quest is available only at once. If your ticket expires, you can only visit Pirate Island again if you have the Pirate Island Special Ticket


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