Evolving Juna to stage 3 - Quest!

 Now the collector has a new quest available!

If you completed the last quest during halloween to evolve Juna to level 2, you can use that Juna to get an even more powerful one!

Talk to Collector (Mekrita, X: 106 Y: 141) to receive the new Quest: Evolving Juna (part 2)

The quest requirements: 

Juna hench (stage 2) at level 162 - (Stage 2 of Juna can only be obtained by completing the quest)
300x Roses (found by killing Force Flyer at Islaba Damp Area)
50x Piece of Nowhere (found by killing Juna at Iskai Forest [Purmai])

The quest reward:

1x Juna hench (Stage 3) Lv. 175
1x Stamina Potion (1 hour) *Limited
1x Pumpkin Cursed Mark (1 hour) *Limited

* Items received in quest cannot be transferred. The items have a duration of 1 hour and the time starts counting from the moment the item is received from the quest. Use it before expires.


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