Online Points Event!

This week, we are testing a new points system!

The event works as follows:

* For every 10 minutes online, each player receives 1 point.

The points accumulated during the week will become AP, and can be used in our online AP store. (Awards may change from time to time based on our test results.)

* For accounts with more than one character: the points accumulated by each character will be added up.

This round has already started from the posting of this article and the accumulated points will be distributed on Monday, December 7th, 11:59 PM (australia time) and a new round will start.

Call your friends and use your free time to have fun in the mixmaster world, in addition to accumulating points.

It's a good time to let sit on a carpet, isn't it?

* Online Points Ranking is now available!
* You can view your character points in your control panel


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