Weekly update notes

 Hello masters!

This news is to let you know what's coming this week!

[1] Christmas events!
- We are finalizing the last preparations and we should have a maintenance before the launch of the Christmas events. A new patch will also be included in the game.

[2] Lv.190 Sets and Artreia city release
- Also this week, the new set of level 190 (Hell Set) will be available and also the way to obtain them through the NPCs located in the city of Artreia.

Keep in mind that you will need henchs, gp, part of the divine set and some additional items.

The city of Artreia will be freely accessible to all players during some time, but will bring new dungeons with henchs where a ticket will be needed to enter.

Also in the city, you can find the missions: Hero Quest Episode 7, to evolve the henchs: Vanyah, Fennecus, Strigidae and MechaOstrich.

Other missions will appear in the city periodically.

[3] Online Points and Online Points Shop!
- Online points can now be used in the Online Points Store, available on the website.

* We will change the periodicity of the points to "every 24 hours". Then, the points acquired by your characters will be converted into usable points in the store every 24 hours.

* Items available at Online Points Store may change periodically.

Stay tuned and call your friends to enjoy Christmas events!

Ah, suggestions are welcome! Let us know: game@playmixmaster.com


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