MixMaster 4th Anniversary

 Hello masters!

We would like to thank all players and masters for another year together!

It was an incredible year and full of news, but nothing compared to what is to come!

We hope to count on you to venture into the mixmaster world for a lifetime!

To celebrate, the following events will be running between 27 January 2020 and 6 February 2020

During the event period, experience and drop rates will be increased:

13x+ experience, 12x+ core drop rate, 12x+ item drop rate

The Boxter is spawning in all main maps and you will be able to get letters inside a box carried by it. Form the word MIXMASTER and exchange for a special item daily with NPC 4th Anniversary, located in Free Battle Zone (X: 158, Y: 74)

* The quest can be repeated once a day.

* The quest reward will be updated at 1st Feb.


1x Super Gamble Box (contains a powerful mark) *expires 24 hours
1x Daily Pink Cloud (180 minutes) *expires 3 hours

The time of the items count from the moment you receive them within the game, use them before it expire.

During the event period, for each 5,000 CP points used in mixmall purchases, you will receive: 

1x 4th Anniversary Box, which contains one of the following items when opened (random):

1x Super Mascot Mark (3 hours) 

3x Premium Flower in the Book 

3x Blessed Synergy Upgrade Potion

10x New Gamble Box 

8x Blessed Fruit of Life 

2x Olympus Soul Potion 

1x Ultra Mark 

* You can accumulate up to 50,000 points used, totaling a maximum of (10 BOX) per account.

* The 4th Anniversary Box will be delivered at the end of the event, on February 6th.

* You will be able to check your points on the player's control panel, when logging on to the site.

* During the event period, MixMall will be with 15% OFF and promotional packages will be available.


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