Maintenance has been completed. Changelog

Hello masters!

Maintenance was completed successfully.

Below are the updates:

[1] The marks have been reconfigured. Now they can be traded for the most part. We are reconfiguring Consumable Potions as well.

[2] We also corrected some potion / cloud items. Potions like "Olympus Soul Potion", "Stamina Potion" or "Power Potion" cannot be used in conjunction with clouds. Using one will replace the other, if any, you should see a warning on the screen before proceeding.

[3] The game client has been prepared for updates / events that are due to be released soon.

[4] The patch for fixing Lv + 20 is in production and should be released in update 4.65612 or later (later this week).


Some computers did not update the game client version 4.65610 correctly.

If your client has not been updated correctly and you continue to receive a "bug trap" problem, please download the new client from the download area of ​​the website.

The name described in the game window must be "MixMaster v277".


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