List of possible items in Halloween Event NPC

Hello masters!

Below is the list of items that can be obtained from the Halloween Event NPC by exchanging 15x sweets.
Remembering that the chance of obtaining the items is random.

Attendance Pink Cloud (60 minutes)
Hunter Item Ring (3)
Hunter Core Ring (3)
Hunter Exp Ring (3)
Blessed Fruit of Life (Limited) (12 hours)
Super Boost Mark! N1 (3 hour) (*Limited)
Blessed Flower in the Book (*Limited)
 Pumpkin Head (1.5x mix success rate increase)
Halloween Transformer Scroll(5 hour)(trial)
Sky Blue Hair Dyeing Chemical
Wings of Godess (1 hour)(limited)
Cloud of Darkness (1 hour)(limited)
Purple Hair Dyeing Chemical
Hench Hormone(male)
Hench Hormone(female)
Valor's Guide Book
Time Charging (+4 days)
Pumpkin Cursed Mark (1 hour)(limited)
Void Forest Entrance Ticket (1 day)
Gender Changer (Event)(5h)(L)
Premium Megaphone (event)
Sinan super healing potion

Additionally, we received a lot of feedback about the drop rate of devil-type monsters. The rate was set based on other monsters of the same level.
As this is an exclusive event, we asked the team to review these rates at the next server restart, which should take place by this Friday.

* Rates for monsters above level 180 will not change, as they are already at the maximum possible.

Happy Halloween! ~


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