NPC Guide: Flowrice

This is a practical guide on how the NPC: Flowrice works, located in Magirita (X: 127, Y: 94).

The NPC's function is to exchange Rose or Artreia Coin for rewards.

The rewards may change periodically. Talk to the NPC to view the rewards and the number of items required for the exchange.

Current rewards:

RewardItems Required
1x Premium Zone Admission Ticket(7 days)120x Rose
1x Premium Zone Admission Ticket (1 day)25x Rose
1x Valcan's Lava Island Trial Ticket (7 Days)11x Artreia Coin
1x The Golden Rose (event)20x Artreia Coin
One of the following items (depends on the hero):
1x Monez Mount for Ditt
1x Monez Mount for Jin
1x Monez Mount for Penril
1x Monez Mount for Phoy
1x Monez Mount Exchange Ticket


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