How to create Ancient Lost BlueEyes (Lv.170 equipment)

This is a guide that explains how to create Lv.170 equipment (Ancient: Lost BlueEyes).
Firstly, Lost BlueEyes set can only be obtained by using crafting system, which means you must gather Lost BlueEyes Books for each piece of equipment(Gloves, Boots, Necklace, Bracelets, Rings and Helmet).

These books can only be dropped by monsters in Big Island map which requires a Premium Zone Admission Ticket to enter.

How to create Lost BlueEyes Equipment?
You must visit the Garden Stone Statue or Ancient Herseba to find the hench, you can visit this maps by visiting NPC warp (Teleport Master) which is located in Free Batle Zone. Refer to image below. You must have Premium Zone ticket to enter as mentioned above.

NPC Location:

Lost BlueEyes Equipment Books
As you see below, explains each books required materials and the monster which drops the books prior to each equipment.

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Helmet]
Book can be obtained from monsters: Sei-Ryu, Dinosaur

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Armour]
Book can be obtained from monsters: Purkong

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Gloves]
Book can be obtained from monsters: King Joker

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Boots]
Book can be obtained from monsters: NeoFlint, SparkSoul

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Bracelet]
Book can be obtained from monsters: Snake, SnakeKing

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Ring]
Book can be obtained from monsters: NewGothic

Book of Production [Lost BlueEyes Necklace]
Book can be obtained from monsters: Flame Persona, Evil Hawk

Equipment effects:

We are attaching images of each equipment once it has been successfully created.

Once you have completed the following equipment above, you can visit garden stone statue map to begin the upgrading process (refer to image below).

NPC Location:

Follow the instructions provided by the NPC to upgrade your equipment.


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