Meeting the heroes

Ditt: The swordsman

A bright and cheerful Magirita boy. Your favorite weapon is a sword.

Ditt began his journey as a mixer hero after graduating from Magirita's School of Mixers. A boy who always looks at the world with a warm and optimistic look, gets along with everyone he meets and has a strong spirit. Always seen as a good person.

Penril: The archer girl

The young, beautiful and elegant girl that everyone likes! Penril graduated with excellent marksmanship from the Magirita School of Mixers. Her right attack made her choose Arch and arrows as battle weapons. He loves cute things, loves making friends and is kind to everyone. But if necessary, be brave and willing to face any challenge!

Jin: The boxer

The veteran, cold and knowledgeable from VeHerseba. He is graduated from Magirita's school of mixers. Jin does not have many friends, but he is faithful to those who are by his side. He does not use many words, his fists speak for themselves.

Phoy: The elf and shooter

Although he looks young, elves live more than human. His age very much resembles that of ditt.
Phoy came from Rudis, trained and graduated with the best marks for target shooting at Magirita's school of mixers. Phoy uses magic weapons, produced only for elves, in rudis.


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