How are drop rates calculated?

- Is there a difference between account drop rates? It is not possible to differentiate drop rates from accounts because this rate is not individual.

- The more henchs I kill, the more likely I will drop? The DROP calculation is not cumulative, it means that sometimes you can kill a hench for several days in a row and not be able to get it, just as you can also kill it for a few hours and be lucky enough to get it.

The rates also do not apply to the dead quantity.

For example, to drop a Garugon, you have a 0.1% chance. This means that for every Garugon killed, this drop rate is applied. It does not accumulate. Of course, if you continue to kill a hench, it will eventually drop.

We believe that if you continue with the hard work, you will succeed in dropping good henchs.

Make sure if the hench you are trying to get is DROP ABLE. Some henchs can not drop and are possible to get only by mix. Check our Monster List page.


is rate affected by the character lvl?
is there a cap for drops for particular henches(for example someone dropped a hench, it will take a few hours to drop again)?
is there a cap for the drop rate stacks using equipments and boosters?

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