Siege Affair - Every weekend's war

Siege Affair - The Castle War

As Attacker: The goal is to bring your guild master to the castle guard to mix Parapoong.

1. Carefully choose the door from which you will go. One strategy will come, it would be: focus on one or divide to attack both.
2. Do not underestimate the doors. They can carry powerful spells against the attackers.
3. After destroying the doors, visit the guard in the middle of the castle.
4. Talk to your Guild Master over the castle guard to mix Parapoong.
5. The mix lasts 3 minutes, Gilmeister must survive during this period in order to complete the mix. He can use liquid medicines, but nothing more.
6. The castle is a sacred zone, the Henchs can not enter it.
7. When you finish mixing the Parapoong, it will appear in your inventory. At this point you become the owner of the castle and want to protect it.
8. When a guild master completes the Parapoong mix, all other guilds leave the zone.

As Defender: The goal is to prevent others from mixing the Parapoong.

1. Check which port is most likely to be attacked.
2. When the door is opened, your battle begins!
3. They must guard the castle guard all the time.
4. When the City War ends after one hour, the guild Parapoong possesses is declared victorious.

The winners of the War of the Cities will receive the mighty watcher, Parapoong. If you lose control of the castle, you will also lose Parapoong.

Parapoong can not be mixed or progress. It is level 100 and the elemental category.
There can only be two Parapoong on each server, one for the owner of the Magirita Castle and another for the owner of the Mekrita Castle.

The winning guild and owner of the castle will receive taxes from sales made in their respective cities.


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