What is Synergy? How to use it?

What is Synergy?

Well, synergy is an enchantment that you can put into your weapons to give your cores special effects!
These effects can include: extra HP, extra MP, Hit rate, damage and many more. Synergy rates only apply to specific ranges of level. The levels are called steps, so Step 1 = level 1, Step 2 = level 2, Step 3 = level 3, etc...

Example: Step 20 ~ can get the hench levels between 201~220

How to obtain

There are specific ways to obtain synergy, the most common one is from monster drops. Places such as all maps in Lunacy and Valor dungeon are the easiest ways of obtaining them, but they can fail and decrease the level of synergy. The most secure way is using Blessed Synergy Upgrade Potion, that is available at Events or may also be purchased from the MIXMall (coming soon). There are different types of synergy; type synergy which correspond to the attributes to the game (Dragon > Beast > Insect > Metal > Mystery > Devil > Bird > Plant); Synergy upgrade, Blessed Synergy Upgrade, Synergy Remover and Cursed Synergy Level Down.

(Examples of synergy potions) How Synergy works

If you have potions you maybe wonder how to use them! All you have to do is double click on the potion and enchant your equipment.

At first the equipment will start off at step 1.

To increase synergy steps, you either have to use ~Synergy Upgrade: or ~Blessed Synergy Upgrade:. Synergy Upgrade has chance that it will fail, if it does fail then your enchantment will lose 1 step. Blessed Synergy Upgrade has a 100% success rate! It is recommended that you use normal synergy upgrade potions until step 7-8 then used blessed synergy because the higher the step, the more likely it is to fail.

You can only use 3 types of synergy on any 1 equipment or weapon, you cannot have more than 3. The enchantment that you put on your equipment will correspond to the type of core that you have. For example, in the picture above you can see that it has insect synergy on it. This means that insect types that are within in level range gain effects.

To remove a certain type of synergy from your weapon you have to purchase synergy remover from the Mixmall.

To downgrade you can use ~Cursed Synergy Level Down Potion:

If you use a type synergy potion on equipment that already has been enchanted, your new type synergy will follow the level of the previous synergy. For example, if you had insect stage 7 and wish to put another enchantment on, it will follow the previous stage.

*Synergy potions can only be used on equipment and weapons

Effects of Synergy

If your core is in range of synergy, it will gain the stats of your equipment. Let’s take a look at this BomberGunY for example

This core has no synergy and the character has no equipment attached to it. If we look at the item below called ~Trojan Gloves: you can see that it gives the stats below. Attack speed is not visible as a stat so let’s look at ~Hit Rate:, ~Strength:, ~All Status: and ~Attack:.

Below is the synergised BomberGunY with just the Trojan Gloves

As you can see the cores have increased in stats. ~All Status +5: has increased all its stats by +5, if we take ~Hit Rate: into account it gives the character +95 stat points, since the core is synergised it will also give the BombergunY, +95 ~Hit Rate: points, bringing the total from the original hit rate from 1161 to 1261. If we take ~Strength: and ~All Stats: It will give +63 to the strength stat. As you can see the attack damage has increased, it has increased futher as accuracy also increases attack damage.

Now lets look at [Trojan Necklace], the main stat to look at here is the accuracy, with all stats +5 BomberGunY should have its accuracy increased by 87, from the original stats the core has 1123 accuracy with the +87 it should come out with 1210 accuracy as its new stat and as you can see below this has occurred.

Having synergies weapons with the correct core level can increase your damage output and defensives on your cores greatly! It is worth investing time into getting synergy as it increases cores stats by a significant level if you can manage to synergise all your equipment!

You can also transfer your current synergy to your new gear!

By using ~Extraction book of Synergy: you can transfer the synergy that you have from your old gear to your new one so you don’t have to start over again! Keep in mind that if you do this your old equipment will not have synergy any more so be careful when using it!

*Make sure that when you build your team you take into account the levels of your cores to gain the full effect of your equipment set!


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