Creating your game account

This is one of our first videos in the series: Getting to know MixMaster

This is a practical video guide of the first step to start your adventure in the world of MixMaster online!

To create your account, simply access this link.

The necessary informations are:
[Username] Choose a username, you will use this information to enter the game.

[Email] You must choose a valid email. Your account will need to be confirmed in order to access the game. In the video, a example email has been used.
* After the account is created, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link and you will be able to play. 

[Password] Enter a valid password with at least 8 digits.

[Repeat password] Repeat the previously entered password.
* Remember: Don't share this password with anyone!

And ready! As soon as you confirm your email, the account will be active!

Just click the link below and download the game client to your computer!

Enjoy and subscribe to our youtube channel! New videos are coming!


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