How to extend the time of armor and items?

In MixMaster, it is common for some items (usually soul items) to have a usage time limit. This is because the item is loaded with soul (be it dark, plant, etc.). The more the hero uses the item, the more the soul is consumed.

Some armor or weapons, for example, can have 5 days, 10 days or up to 30 days of use limit.

- Did you know that it is possible to extend this period?
For that, there are soul replenishers, called Soul Charger. They can come in different sizes and the bigger, the more time is added to the item.

+40 hours

+120 hours

This item can be found on our MIXMALL or earned as event rewards.

Attention: This item does not work on items that do not use a soul, such as marks, etc.


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