The discovery of new henchs!

Dr. Jove found evidence that henchs came from Artreia and were spotted by some citizens. The new henchs discovered are even more powerful than those seen to date. 

From Dr. Joves experience, the formulas of these new monsters have already been discovered! But he said that soon he wants to study further.

Will Dr. Jove organize an expedition to Artreia soon? What is going on?

All new henchs discovered are base level 213

Aperia = King Mitra (3) + Mini KingGarugon (3)

Hellhound = King Oredevil (3) + Mini Anubis (3)

Zacharis = King MintClaw (3) + Mini Hellfard (3)

Horus = King Harpy (3) + Mini Phoenix (3)

Drill Hornet = King Bamudar (3) + Mini CutterMantis (3)

Genie = King Balzar (3) + Mini Nepenthes (3)

Atlas = King MacT-Bone + Mini RoofTileGeneral (3)

Sake Musa = King Gunsmash (3) + Mini Destroyer (3)


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