NPC Guide: Hall of Fame

This is a practical guide on how the NPC: Hall of Fame works, located in Magirita (X: 112, Y: 83)

The NPC's function is to exchange Fame Points for rewards. 
You can earn Fame Points by completing simple daily tasks, such as: 

- Completing the daily quest in Magirita (X: 118, Y: 89) 
- Receiving the daily clouds with Pinky in Free Battle Zone (X: 138, Y: 74) 
- Reading the Notice board in Magirita (X: 117, Y: 112) 
- Using the NPC Gamble Auction in Magirita (X: 118, Y: 119) 
Or during events. 

The rewards may change periodically. 
Talk to the NPC to see the rewards and the number of points required for exchange. 

Current rewards:

RewardNeeded points
1x Attendance Pink Cloud (60 minutes)28
1x Super Boost Mark! N1 (3 hour) (*Limited)50
1x Super Boost Mark! N2 (3 hour) (*Limited)70
1x Super Boost Mark! N3 (3 hour) (*Limited)90
1x Stamina Potion (1 hour) (*Limited)17
1x Power Potion (1 hour) (*Limited)20
1x Fruit of Life (*Limited)20
1x Neo Flower Soul Armour600
1x Neo Beatle Soul Armour600


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