Halloween events: part 2

As a complement to Part 1 of the event, which will continue until November 1, the second part of halloween will bring some quests that will take place during the period 25 to 31 October. Each quest will be announced separately with its details.

The first quest available is: Evolving Juna!

* You need to have completed the quest: A mystery to be solved. After getting Juna as a quest reward, you can evolve it with the Collector.

Find and talk to Collector, at Mekrita to receive the quest.

Required: Level 135 or more.
1x Juna hench (Lv.150) (Obtained by completing A mystery to be solved quest)
300x Rose (you can drop it in ForceFlyer, at Islaba Damp Area)
5x Special Artreia Coin (M) (Can be purchased: Free Battle Zone Merchant)

This quest will be available until October 30th.


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