Mixing days! - Helpya Quest

 Hello masters!

In November, we will run some tests through events that will take place on specific dates within the game.

During this time, Helpya's daily quest (Free Battle Zone, X: 143 Y: 93) will reward you with: 

Starting on November, 5 and ending on November, 8.

1x Fruit of Life (expires in 12 hours) 

If you use Fruit of Life, even when mix fail, hench level will not decrease, but mix success rate decrease by 3%. If you apply this item to hench with level lower than the base level and the mix fails, hench will disappear.

Starting on November, 9 and ending on November, 12.

1x Blessed Flower in the Book (expires in 12 hours) 

When given to mix builder in mix, the success rate increases 1.6x. Even when mix fail, hench level will not decrease.

Important notes:

* Items required for missions may vary daily. You will need to be at level 130 or higher to participate during this period.

* Items received in these missions cannot be transferred. The items have a duration of 12 hours and the time starts counting from the moment the item is received from the quest. Use it before expires.

* As it is a test, the event can be changed during the period, if necessary. If this happens, we will issue a new note on website informing you of the changes.


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