Weekend events

* The boost event, which would end on November 5th, was extended to this weekend (November 6th ~ 9th) at 11:59 pm

Take the opportunity to train during this period with increased rates: 12x + experience, 11x more chances to drop a hench, 11x more chances to drop an item.

Remember that the default server rates are: 9x EXP/ 9x CORE/ 9x ITEM. 

During the event, these rates are 12x EXP / 11x CORE / 11x ITEM.

* During this weekend, MixMall will have a 15% discount.

* New quests are expected to be available over the weekend. A new post will be made to explain each quest. 

Take the opportunity to complete Helpya's test missions that will be available for a limited time!


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