New features on the site

 We have applied some recent changes to the website, this news is to keep you updated!

[1] Hench Ranking is now available!

You can access it at any time through this link or in the top menu. It is also possible to see the TOP 5 on the homepage, left side.

[2] Top 3 - Guild Ranking is now available at Home Page.

[3] Player view page changes

Now, the link to view the characters in the game no longer has the name, but the number of each player. Facebook like button has been added to it and to notices page.

To view your characters page, go to the account management page and click on the name of the desired character.

Soon, the functionality will be available to everyone, through a search system by name.

[4] Online Points and Online Shopping

You will be able to view your online points available on the left side of the page, in the account manager, after logging in. Online Points Shopping is already available and you can visit it by MixMall or APStore. (or click here)

Upcoming updates:

[5] New translations will be available soon.

[6] Badge system is coming to Player's page. Each player can redeem rewards according to the badge earned.

Stay tuned! Many new features are arriving in the mixmaster world!


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