Quest: Unknown Creatures! Part 1

Some time ago, the collector discovered formulas for new henchs, he wants your help to get them and will give you a good reward for helping with training!

Quest Requirement:

Formulate the 3 uncovered henchs and take them to the collector at the base level.

Neo Ukki (Lv. 75)
Insane Doctor (1st stage mix item) + Stoner (1st stage mix item)

Neo NortsNcross (Lv.90)
Gokuma (2nd stage mix item) + Neo Silver (2nd stage mix item)

Neo Bangie (Lv.105)
Snogyun (2nd stage mix item) + KillerPete (2nd stage mix item)

This information is also available in your quest window.

Talk to the collector in Mekrita to receive the quest. This quest has a time limit and can be completed until December 18th.

Quest Reward:

+1 Free Skill Point 

1x Power Potion (1 hour) *Limited
Hero, Hench attack damage and attack speed doubled for 1 hour

1x Super Gamble Box (24 hours) *Limited
Double click to receive a random powerful mark

The time for *Limited items starts to count from the moment you receive it. Use it before expires.


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