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 Hello players!

Today, a new location can be visited in the game: The city of Artreia! Also known as the capital of the continent.

Long closed, Artreia City was visited only by the guards of the palace of the king of magirita and is a city surrounded and protected by giants.

In Artreia, monsters and humans live in peace. You can also get along with the giants or train with them!

In the first part of this update, all players will be able to visit Artreia for the next 30 days (until February 7th).

New missions will appear in Artreia in the future, so expect to evolve many of your henchs!

In the city it is also possible to upgrade your SET to level 190, and you can complete the Hell Set.

Each type of SET (dragon, animal, insect, metal, mystery, devil, bird, plant) requires different henchs and different items to be dropped. You can get these informations by talking to NPC: Hell Exchanger

Artreia City (X: 152, Y:57)

As mentioned earlier, the requirements for each part of SET are:
1x Required part of Divine Set (Lv.185)
1x Dimension Stone Fragments (can be obtained at MixMall)
1x Mutant hench (required for each type, eg: for the dragon set, the required hench is Mutant Snatch)

1x E-Hench 
E-Henchs are henchs used to forge divine and powerful items. You can get E-Henchs by talking to the Artreia collector and taking the necessary materials.

Artreia City (X: 152, Y:59)

For example: for the dragon type SET, E-Draco is required. Talk to the Artreia Collector and he will ask you for 30x Essence of Mutant Rormont (can be dropped in Mutant Rormont, in Magirita Garden)

1x intermediate level hench (Ex: For the dragon set, 1 FireDuke is required)

The requirements are repeated for all parts of the SET. So, you can complete the quest 8 times to get all the equipments.

3.500.000.000 GP is needed for each part.

We will release the next updates during the week / month according to the feedbacks received.


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