End of maintenance. Changelog

Hello masters!

Maintenance took a little longer than expected, but was successfully completed. Below are some of the main changes;

[0] The server has been migrated to a better Data Center to prevent any lag or issues. Please, give us a feedback about current connection and let us know if you have any problem to connect to game.

[1] All marks in the game are temporarily blocked for trade / warehouse. We are making some configurations and some items will be available for changes only in the next maintenance.

[2] Removed event items from players inventory.

[3] Some players reported that they can not use their level +20 henchs (master quest). If you are experiencing this problem, please, download the game client again and reinstall it.

[NOTE:] We received the information that only levels up to +18 (before it was +20) are able to use the henchs. We are already working with our programmers to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Click here to view a new post about it.

[4] Prepared game client for updates. You should see some changes during this week.

[5] The server time was corrected and indexed to the website. Now, updates that happen within the game will occur in real time with the clock displayed on the website.


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