Weekly notes

 Hello masters!

Below is a list of weekly updates:

[1] Sealed Soul items have been defined as rare and their drop will turn green when on the ground.

[2] Sealed Soul items have drop rates increased by 1.3x

[3] The 4th anniversary box of points spent by MixMall is now available. You can redeem it through the page until 10 February. Points that are accumulated during that date can be exchanged for BOX. After the end of the event, the remaining points that have not been exchanged will be transformed into AP.

Redeem page: click here

[4] Before the last quest of the event In search of birds, the Part 1 mission will be available for a few hours. Complete it if you haven't completed it yet to guarantee Shadow Harpy.

[5] We are working on the new site / game translation system. You can share with friends directly using direct links.

Portuguese: br.playmixmaster.com
Japanese: jp.playmixmaster.com
English: en.playmixmaster.com / playmixmaster.com (default)
Chinese: ch.playmixmaster.com

Some languages ​​are still in the process of translation, feel free to inform us about errors and / or additional translations via email game@playmixmaster.com

The February event marathon will begin soon.


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