End of maintenance. Change Log [U]

 Hello masters!

The maintenance has been successfuly completed. Bellow you can see the change logs:

[1] Fixed the EXP points from premium zones like Pirate Island / Big Island. (removed the option of +2x exp which was causing some issues with clouds and marks, due to premium zone map and added it directly to henchs).

[2] The level 190 sets received 3 new effects: 
When you wear the full set, you will receive the following bonuses: 
* Achilles +ALL types of hench -> 65% increase
* Achilles damage received in PvP is reduced by 40%
* Henchs attack damage increased by 15%

[U] Note: We are receiving feedbacks and these effects can be changed in future, depending on feedbacks received. The new effects should be applied (with balanced rate) to set 180 and set 185 as well, during next maintenances.

[3] Fixed the issue in the Free Battle Zone where, close to the walls, it was possible to attack other players (in PVP Area)

[4] Prepared game client to the new update that is coming soon. (higher level zones and henchs)

[5] Red Balloon spawn rate has been increased by 3x.

Some changes to high-level maps will occur later this week. Players who access the Pirate Island should notice an improvement in the experience rate when using Mark + Cloud.

We are studying the balance of some sets and new effects to hold a PvP event soon. Players above level 100 will be able to participate. As soon as all tests are completed, we will post a note with more details.

Have a great weekend and have fun taking advantage of the 12x EXP / CORE / ITEM rates of the current boost event.


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