Master Valor Quest guide

The master valor quest allows you to use henchs up to 20 levels above yours

To complete this quest, you need to be at level 180 and speak to the NPC Master Valor, in the Free Battle Zone (X: 157, Y: 21).

The first part of the Quest requires you to bring the following items:

Valor's Dragon Shard (x10)
Valor's Animal Shard (x10)
Valor's Insect Shard (x10)
Valor's Metal Shard (x10)
Valor's Mystery Shard (x10)
Valor's Devil Shard (x10)
Valor's Bird Shard (x10)
Valor's Plant Shard (x10)

Items can be found on the Ranch map.

Once its done, the second part of Quest requires you to bring:

Golden Shell of Fata(x100)
Blue Shell of Fata (x100)
Strong Iron (x150)

Once its done, the third part of Quest requires you to bring: GP

Once its done, the fourth part of Quest requires you to bring:

Silent Dragon Medallion(x75)
Silent Devil Medallion(x75)
Silent Beast Medallion(x75)
Silent Bird Medallion
Silent Insect Medallion
Silent Plant Medallion(x75)
Silent Mystery Medallion
Silent Metal Medallion(x75)

Once its done, you have completed the Master Valor Quest and will receive as reward:

Skills reset
+10 free skill points

Hero Stats reset
+100 free stat points

You will be able to use henchs +20 levels above yours.


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