Maintenance completed. Changelog

Hello masters!

Maintenance was completed successfully.

Below are some determinant changes:

 [1] The names of several monsters have been changed and corrected. You should already see them in the game and on the formulas page.

 [2] We prepared the new maps to be released (and event maps). These will be explained as soon as they are available to players.

 [3] We balance the experience rates of some monsters, to be balanced with the new instances. 

 [4] We added, in Artreia, an NPC called: Special Shop. In this NPC it will be possible to find some items of future events and unique usable, in future updates.

 [5] Added the item: Coin of artreia bank (1 Billion), a coin that can be purchased at the NPC of Artreia: Special Merchant (X: 84,Y: 63)(you pay 2% of tax for its service) and used in large scale trades (due to GP limitation), each item can be sold in NPC for GP.

 [6] Added the item: Sinan Ultra healing potion (recovery 2340 HP) and can be obtained at the NPC Special Merchant (X: 84,Y: 63) - Artreia.

 [7] Some hench images have been fixed and the game has been prepared for the launch of the new henchs.

 [8] The "Lost Island" map is available to players level 190 or higher. To enter, all players with the required level must complete a Quest.

A new post should be made with more information.

Kind regards,

MixMaster Online Team.


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