Change Log for October, 14

1. Added to NPC: [Item Maker] in Northern Magirita the option to produce the new level 187 (PVP) SET (Lightning God SET). The armor and weapon options are not yet available, but will be added later.

2. The material for producing the SET [Petrified Heart] can now be dropped on Runaway Island L2, L3 and L4. For now, this item cannot be traded.

Recipe [Lightning God Equip.] x1

Part of Dark Ancient equipment x1

Petrified heart x25

Iron Ore x50

Golden Shell of Fata x10

Blue Shell of Fata x10

4,000,000,000 GP

3. The production (recipe) book is available through MixMall.

Information on the parts of the SETs is available below:

Lightning God Armlet

Lightning God Helmet

Lightning God Necklace

Lightning God Ring

Lightning God Boots

Lightning God Gloves

Remembering that the status of this SET can be changed or updated, if necessary.

4. The game client has been prepared to receive new events. There should be a new server restart soon.

5. Fixed minor issues.

6. We have rolled back the latest changes made to the Free Battle Zone to see if the map is causing any issues with recent disconnections of some accounts. We will bring it back soon.

7. We updated the TOP 1 armor model. (Armor used by the TOP 1 in the Ranking, if the user loses their position, the armor is removed and passed on to the next person).

8. The October Hunting Part 1 event has been completed and related items have been deleted.

We are preparing new events that should start next week, as well as the Halloween event and some updates are coming.

We are excited about the new updates that are coming. We can't give spoilers yet, but we will be bringing several new features that include the participation of guilds, not just in the Siege Affair.


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