Changes of Maintenance (Oct. 24)

Hello masters!

Maintenance was completed successfully and the following changes were made:

1. A rebalance was performed for the following henchs:
● Sinan Balian
● Sinan Estela
● Sinan Chlora
● Sinan Rosa
● Sinan Pelic
● Sinan Lexy
● Sinan Beres
● Neo Serpenkis
● Neo Evilkis
● Neo Taykis
● Neo Crokis
● Neo Beetlekis
● Neo Vezikis
● Neo Magickis
● Neo Machinekis
● Neo Aperia
● Neo Helhound
● Neo Zacaris
● Neo Horus
● Neo Drill Hornet
● Neo Geni
● Neo Atlas
● Neo SakeMusa

* It is needed to use a Converter item in order to get the new stats.

2. Prepared game for halloween event (we should post a notice about it soon).

3. Fixed minor reports.

4. Added some new functions to server side.


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